Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Into Game Development

  While setting on the beach a while back doing somewhere here in Staten Island I started dreaming about adding a Do-It-Yourself game development division to Yababa World™. Being that it is a variety company it allows for ultimate flexibility I said, "why not"?

   I've been considering creating a mobile fighting game with the highest quality of graphics adding to it a cartoon flair. Maybe adding someone of your favorite Youtube® personalities in it as well and selling it via Android® and iOS® with ability to fight online with people on both platforms and so on. Along with this I have a few first person shooter game ideas one of which is presently in development as we speak. It will include an interesting storyline and networking capabilities. Best of all it will be mobile, 3D also.

   There are many game ideas I currently have in my head that I will implement in a very near future. This more than a plan. As Yababa World™ begins to grow with the help of the fans it would able to continue to evolve into the variety-brand that it's supposed to be. We have no investors, we are a purely Do-It-Yourself brand. In saying that, these games will feature creative, stylist and interesting effects in the form of prizes, giveways, and cash rewards directly to your bank account be online or offline.

Have any game ideas you would like to see me develop? Drop it in the comments!

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