Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hip Hop & Business Development

            Hip Hop will let you know how business is handled outside the office. I don't mean illegally. Anytime a black man wants to make some money he has to be creative. He has everyone coming at him. The people at the top certainly don't want to you come up and some of your friends are the same way. If you listen to Jay-Z, Big Pun or any other rappers they will tell you the same thing. Jay-Z has many songs about his business ventures and how he had to recruit a group of people with radical dreams of making money -- from there just got up and did it.

         Music like this will get you into making that money fast. Don't worry about the morals. Your legal hustle will be looked at as bad by society till a rich person finds a way to capitalize. Often times you have to go independent with your hustle. Invest in your own studio, your own recording studio, your own publishing company.

       Hip-Hop music will keep you on the move of building your business. It will keep it stylish, hip and very in tune with the youth. Why be broke? Why let your moral aspect stop you from overcoming a horrible situation? Poverty is right around the corner. There are gaps to money be closed by the government each and every year. These people find the loopholes and block them.

       Your business depends on you and your team. Move the egos out the way. Save them for when you are a stable enough to use your ego. Right now, you have to build your roster. A team of reliable people with the same vision as you. People that aren't against moving out the country, displeasing society, doing for self, buying apartment buildings, ect.


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