Friday, February 28, 2014

My Services

      Besides sharing the best content on the web in terms of business, success, and variety I also offer services that range from computer hacking to web design. I also do video production and love to use HD cameras. My true passion is video editing. I'm always on the hustle!

      Computer Services(Web Design, IT Consulting, & Computer Hacking)
           IT Consulting will consist of a variety of services computer repair, computer hacking, web design, and basic IT consulting for your business.

     • Web Design -
        using various graphical images and coding languages to make sure your website is
        presentable to your audience. Pleasing clients is my mission and without their approval
       a website will not be published!

    • IT Consulting - consist of the basics -- reinstalling, recommendations, network hook-ups, graphic card and audio card installation. I also provide anti-virus scans for hard to remove malware.

    • Computer Hacking - Test your website for vulnerabilities that could put your customers at risk. Recommend set-ups for your local business to prevent hackers from gaining access.

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