Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To Those That say "NO!"

  In business, but life in general pay attention to those that say no. Usually these people aren't your real family members or friends. These people have an alternative agenda only this time it has nothing to do with your success, but your failure. Opportunities are coming as well as they are drifting away. Jobs aren't paying as much anymore and usually most aren't even hiring. Those that are require a degree or some form of certification. In NYC the traveling cost don't help nor does the attitude of people around "we all gotta do it... I had to do it... so what if you're struggling and need an extra $25 dollars a week while I have $5,000 in the bank", "so what if you need an investment to help you with your small business..."

     Situations like this aren't rare and are more common then you think amongst the youth. The youth are sick of hearing how they are grown while not being allowed to have "say" in their own household. We watch as the good people are look down upon while the bad people are bailed out of jail, have BBQ's thrown for them, parties all after doing a violent crime. Good people, computer geeks and just regular normal people coming out of the inner-city are beginning to lead a revolution and make their own money online using various programs.

       Just imagine $5,000 a month? That isn't impossible! It's very possible! Don't feel guilt about it. Just think about the sources of the guilt? Who around you is making you feel guilty for doing better for yourself? You must to be selfish! It's the best type of way to live for you! Living any other way in this world at present time is a SIN! I know from personal experience! Karma doesn't exist! If it did all these bankers would be failing right now, but they aren't! These bankers are allowed to sell products, assets, and other financial instruments that don't even exist.

     God hasn't punished these people. He allows these people to continue on their horrible run of destroying lives and making money. We all have our beliefs, but it's time to put down your Bible, Quran or whatever book you read. Have faith in yourself because God, Jesus, Jehova ect can't save you. Only you can!

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