Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Chinese Meet in Miami

   Miami..... home of the Asian imports. Why do you think Fast & Furious was filmed there? That's where all the import cars originate from. Old cars with new parts. New cars with better parts. Who's fuckin' with them? It's Miami! Even better then Europe... so exciting it is to go to Miami. It has a dark side like Mexico and a light side like paradise. You can die young or you can die famous -- both maybe.

   This isn't about Miami as much as it is about a reason why Miami is so successful. They Chinese! They make cheese with no issues and maintain a network amongst each other. They dominate the import industry down there even if you don't see their face. They are behind the scenes and their youth are living happily rocking the latest clothing and apparel!

   The street racing, stock car and import scene is all for them. All for the taking - down to the contracts, import car parts, financial rewards, ect. Just imagine the Miami sun while test driving an import race car -- just like in the movies. NOS is a real gas that gives your car a turbo boost and it doesn't take much money to acquire taking that you look into online money making opportunities.

   Everyone goes down there for networking and building connections. Do you want to come out of college working a regular career or do you want to live the baller lifestyle with the Chinese getting paid to chill because you are an investor in their flexible industry?

    Thousands of people pour down to Miami every year and I don't see why you shouldn't. Online companies give their affiliates high discounts on flights that allow you to travel without breaking bank.

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