Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Easy Cash = Attitude

   Your attitude determines your altitude. Your attitude toward other people determines how much cash you will make. People generate $10,000s of thousands of dollars a month online soon lose it because they don't know to invest in the up and comers. Investing in a tree before it bears fruit will allow you to follow other aspirations while that person works on their dreams. See the attitude is perception and like Rolling Stone said, "Perception Is Reality".

     You can't tell if someone has money in their pocket by the way they look. You can give an assessment, but generally someone can have $3,000 dollars of legit money in their pocket fresh off the press from the ATM and you wouldn't know. This person could own a company and looking for someone to train, fly overseas and close a business deal for them because they just don't have to the time to do it. We live in a day and age where people don't care about your credentials, certifications, or resume. They just want to see tangibles of what you can do. Skills you can learn through free online schools.

     Everyone is trying to Shark Tank. Real rich people don't do that Shark Tank shit! People in the Shark Tank are people with money looking to investment because they are quickly losing money. The value of the currency is going down and they need another ASSET because currency isn't looking like one that will hold value. Remember, it's about attitude. All because someone is rich doesn't mean they know what they are talking about. All because someone is poor doesn't mean their methods won't work. Would I listen to someone who is broke about advise on money? Yes!


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