Thursday, February 27, 2014

Convert Your Audience Into Millions

         Many creative people lack the knowledge and insight to do this. Many have huge Twitter followings that they use just to show off their 9 to 5 and child support payments. They show off their phone bills on Instagram® while neglecting to capitalize off of the audience they have amassed. They have basically 3 urban neighborhoods on lock.  Why would someone have 1,000 followers on Twitter and not attempt to convert them into buyers? Time to get out hustle on!

     With 1,000 followers on Twitter you would be able to get paid thousands daily from local businesses just to promote them to the surrounding neighborhoods. Hell, they would pay you just to show up. It's sad to see people with 20k followers, just using Twitter to talk shit. When they could turn it into a business easily! 

      Yes, you can make millions Tweeting for businesses, products and other services that people may need especially if you have acquired a particular demographic. Industries sponsor MMA fighters, football players, and such because they have the attention of the youth. Not in a bad way. This is business - we live in a country about money!

     Let me give you an idea of how this could be done. First, if you have over 1k followers on Twitter that's a start. From that point I would move into assuming they were attracted to your profile design, picture and cover photo. So since you already have this no other issues! Only other problem is you have to monetize these followers because as I stated before you have to be creative in these financial times.

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