Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weapon of Patience

As the good guy, you're always told to be patient. You are always told that the right girl would come and that you would be appreciated. As you come of age you are told that you are supposed suck it up "be a man" and take care of some over-the-hill women and her kids. When your bank messes up on a transaction you are told "you are too young to me this impatient", but the same doesn't apply for the government. When they want their money there is no patience. If you want your money -- it's called a racket.

It's a shame that we live in a nation where virtues such as these are used as manipulative weapons against us. Weaponized to turn us into sheep for the elite. We can't allow this to happen. We must recognize when the kool-aid is being given to us. I fore one know that many people in many major cities are being feed this crap. Being told to be patient and to wait for "software to install", "stop wanting something right away" or similarly "be grateful for what you have" when that "adult" always seemed to want more.

I am a leader for this generation. We are sick of hypocrites. We don't want to get a job. We want to make money as quickly as possible. We want to mobilize ourselves through our dreams and don't want to be stopped by bitter people who have failed and wish not to try again. At a young age, you have many people attempting to make you feel old. Especially in the urban communities. It starts with being told to get a job. You do that, now it's time to pay bills. Then after that it's time to baby sit and be a "family man". This has nothing to do with becoming "a family man". It has something to do with the people around you expressing their bitterness through passive actions. This generation simply doesn't have time for that. In a time where you can get up and leave while finding an alternative way to pay off your debts. A time where you can get a job without a degree because the business owner doesn't want to know about formalities he just wants to know can you speak Chinese, program in Java, develop a website aka "GETTING THE JOB DONE"!

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