Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The System and the Way It's Set Up

The system is set up for the 'little guy' to struggle and fail. It isn't created for a solo man to become rich without being knocked around by a new set of taxes, raise in rent or sudden changes in lease agreements. I remember walking outside a few months back and I seen a building with a Con Ed notice saying that the power would be shut off because the landlord didn't pay the bill.

Taking your landlord to court is always a likely option since many people these days have acquired their apartment through cash assistance programs such as those that pay half your bills. Basically, as a poor person you can't do much, but trust in your creator and wait for the bad news. Trust the system is set up for you to the fail. I don't blame the rich though. They have found a way to play the game that we all should learn. We have to network and unify or we are all strewed.


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