Saturday, April 19, 2014

Franchising Your Brand

Franchising Your Brand - FYB. Instead of selling all of your branded products yourself you can enlist affiliates. This is done by creating a company strictly for your IP(Intellectual Property) such as in this case logos and other trade secrets. For example, I have Yababa World, LLC as my main company and I will start Yababa International as secondary IP company. Yababa International will allow me to license my trademarks, patents and copyrights to anyone in the world so that I can franchise whatever it is I am selling

This might seem like a bit of advanced business, but with LegalZoom® it's not. Everything these days is conveniently set up for push-button submitting. Just click write and submit and LegalZoom® will have you all set. I just wanted to point the importance of an IP company to handle all of your logos. It also protects you from losing everything if your main company should get sued. And yes in America, we are the land the suing parties.

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