Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yababa World™ is BACK! For 2012! Taking Charge of the New Year!

My avatar in the virtual world of Second Life®

Back again, and honestly I've been busy. Busy doing what? Busy learning the various new developments in digital technology and learning to implement that to improve Yababa World™(Yababavideo). Been learning to maintain focus on goals such as learning to program mobile apps, develop new websites and protect various assets uploaded to the internet. Must keep things SECURE! as the internet develops and involves. I refuse to let anything created by Yababa World™ to fall into mediocrity.

In 2012, prepare to discover new improved developments and features added to the Yababa World™ Blog, the production value of The Yababa Show™ , the release of - The Tao of Yababa (more information in this later in the week), new High Quality(High Definition) Yababa™ logo, in addition to many more extras. Expect more of a developed community for the future citizens of Yababa World™ established via Facebook® , Twitter®, in addition to the recently established Google+ .

With that said, I hope to improved my health, my mind and spirit and let if reflect through this blog till it becomes a full fleged website and beyond. Support is well appreciated - be it a view pages, donations, or simply sharing it with friends. I often times want success to come fast, but I know I must have my priorities right and show the universe me along with my creations are ready to ascend.

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  2. I am happy too read you back
    Yes I care :)
    Thanks for that you share Bless

  3. Thank you kind people! My phone in real life is out of business! I guess I will be depending on E-mail more and more! Wish you a very stress less week! YAY!