Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Nature of Commerce

   Become a business owner. America allows you to do that. Business owners are respected in their community because it is said that they "made it"! In this new world we are in there is a lot of uncertainty concerning the future. With this mentality any job or business that is pulling in income is considered a good business no matter it does. A job is looked at as an income instead of a stepping stone to a career. WE ALL KNOW the difference between the two. A career is something you retire with and a job is something you work at each season.

 A career as a business owner puts you at a very leverage position in commerce. It allows for tax deductions on much of your expenses and you get taxed less than the employee. Law is a very tricky topic with its own language. For example, by law an employee is considered a servant. Just look it up in Black's Law Dictionary 5th Edition and you fill find that in section 'e' employee means servant.

    This is the nature of commerce. In the end, during election years - small business owners win, though we small business people are going to be getting heavily taxed soon to protect big corporations - unfair. Basically, my point is -- start your own business!

Franchising Your Brand

Franchising Your Brand - FYB. Instead of selling all of your branded products yourself you can enlist affiliates. This is done by creating a company strictly for your IP(Intellectual Property) such as in this case logos and other trade secrets. For example, I have Yababa World, LLC as my main company and I will start Yababa International as secondary IP company. Yababa International will allow me to license my trademarks, patents and copyrights to anyone in the world so that I can franchise whatever it is I am selling

This might seem like a bit of advanced business, but with LegalZoom® it's not. Everything these days is conveniently set up for push-button submitting. Just click write and submit and LegalZoom® will have you all set. I just wanted to point the importance of an IP company to handle all of your logos. It also protects you from losing everything if your main company should get sued. And yes in America, we are the land the suing parties.

Business, Networking and Suvival

   Businesses have something called B2B which means Business 2 Business interaction. This allows wholesalers to get in touch with various kinds of retailers for various amounts of retailing. Basically, it's a concept that allows businesses to sell to businesses as opposed to actual customers. Networking B2B is a great way to keep from going broke since you will always have the connections for your survival. It's like Jay-Z "city is a pity half of y'all won't make it". I always think of that saying while living here in NYC. It's very tough to make it here, but with the proper B2B networking you can get anywhere. People just need to trust each other.

   B2B allows for your business to connect with other businesses. It allows you to acquire discounts as a retailer when ordering products wholesale. It's a concept that is growing with emerging concepts such as Growth Hacking(growing your business creatively).

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mixtape Grind

     Everyone of you rappers seem to be on your mixtape grind, but lack the essentials such as a nice mixtape cover photo. I currently only have one mixtape in my mixtape collection and I must say the cover sucks and it makes me not want to even listen to the music on the CD itself.

    I know you should judge a book by it's cover, but the mixtape cover is the reason many of your fans would buy your product. A shitty mixtape cover takes away from the awe and fashion of how a proper mixtape should be packaged.

    I suggest all rappers hire a skilled graphic designer to create a mixtape cover that is even better than this one to attract a new fan base. There is always room for one more new fan. Why not acquire the next set of fans the easy way -- through a decent mixtape cover design.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ego vs Community

  I choose community because the ego can put you into a space of many delusions. The community will deliver support best off facts and you contribution. Hip Hop legends are a great example. Many of them don't make music anymore, but they aren't forgotten by the actual community of Hip Hop. A community will keep you going way faster than your ego will. My point is you can't be successful alone in the music industry. You need to turn your fan base into a community. For example, create a forums for your artist like the kind the do for the major artist like Kayne West.

   That ego will get you no where fast. The community you create will support you for a years to come. Look at Canibus he has been blackballed, but his fan base aka community won't allow him to go broke. Even after pulling out the notebook during his rap battle with Dizaster they still support his albums, records and his shows.

Money & Your Network

 The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is right. NETWORK equals your NETWORTH no matter how you put it. Without a strong network of go-getters money will be impossible to make. Even jobs, you gotta know someone to get to some of these jobs. I have a method of you guys to use that I have been doing for years. It's called "using what you know to know somebody". For example, I do video and if someone requires assistance with video production they would call me as their go-to-guy. This is called using what you know some know somebody. I came up with it myself while I was dealing with the music industry on a street team level.

   Networking helps you stay connected into merging markets and other places of business. No longer will you struggle. For me, I am building my network right now amongst people I already know. The serious network comes when you go beyond your neighborhood and start talking to people in other states. Speaking with people from other industries and such. My main focus is the music industry right now.

The Hard Life of a Music Producer

     They are audio engineers, beatmakers or just studio mixologists. These people often have a high skill set, but struggle to get clients. Damn will be the day when people begin outsourcing their production to countries like Singapore or India. People already outsource to other countries for things as simple as T-shirt manufacturing.

  A music producer may use sites like PMP Worldwide, Soundclick, and Sound Cloud to get their marketing needs met. Others are looking to simply just get into the industry through a major label. I am here to say is to start small and start giving your beats out for free with a shout out or watermark to artist at these showcases. There is no dream to be had only real life. Have an ultimate goal be it becoming an industry professional or being one of the hottest underground music producer -- have a goal!

  I know it is hard out there for everyone, but as a producer you should have no excuses why you can't make bank with all these would-be rappers around. Market yourself and your personal brand and they will come.