Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The System and the Way It's Set Up

The system is set up for the 'little guy' to struggle and fail. It isn't created for a solo man to become rich without being knocked around by a new set of taxes, raise in rent or sudden changes in lease agreements. I remember walking outside a few months back and I seen a building with a Con Ed notice saying that the power would be shut off because the landlord didn't pay the bill.

Taking your landlord to court is always a likely option since many people these days have acquired their apartment through cash assistance programs such as those that pay half your bills. Basically, as a poor person you can't do much, but trust in your creator and wait for the bad news. Trust the system is set up for you to the fail. I don't blame the rich though. They have found a way to play the game that we all should learn. We have to network and unify or we are all strewed.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Gameplay Footage

Gaming Center

 I've been thinking about adding a game center filled with flash games to the website. This place is just a blog right now till I get a website designed. I have the design drawn out. I just need someone to implement it for me.

   Gaming centers are what I call those websites that just host games and nothing else. The different with this website and others is that the gaming center concept won't be the purpose of the website. Just a small part of it essentially will be the gaming center.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Social Media Presence

 To succeed in any form of business - you need an internet presence. Back in the day all you needed was a website, but these days you need SEO(search engine optimizing), a strong E-mail list if you are direct selling to customers amongst other fancy things in order to have a strong internet presence.

  It's my belief that the best way to establish this solid internet presence or any kind of presence in general is through Youtube®. Youtube® is basically in this case is a way for you to connect directly with your audience through video updates, regular vlogs, and interaction with your audience. I don't care if you have an audience of 100 people. Talk to those people, keep uploading videos and watch your medium become a power house.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

deno_+ EP 4: Arma 2 Play-through

A little treat for today's blog.

Winning the Winner's Dream (a true meaning to Success)

 Success is different for everyone. Usually success is misused and associate with pictures of money, fast cars and a great vacation lifestyle. I agree for me personally that is kind of the image of success I have, but these objects aren't for everyone and more less checkpoints. Success can be the dream of living a simple, easy-going life. It's like Albert Einstein said, "Attach your happiness to a goal, not people and things".

  Keep your dreams alive by knowing success isn't something that happens overnight, but once you get to be truly successful one must be satisfied and leave off the ambition for a few months. For example, if a guy makes $30,000 in a real estate deal -- it's time to chill. $30k is hard to come by and if you do best get your team together so you guys can find ways to turn that into $300,000.

   However, back to the thought - success is anything goal met. However, for the majority of people success is 50k a year at a job because in this economy $50,000 a year is look at as being well-off or laymen rich.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Nature of Commerce

   Become a business owner. America allows you to do that. Business owners are respected in their community because it is said that they "made it"! In this new world we are in there is a lot of uncertainty concerning the future. With this mentality any job or business that is pulling in income is considered a good business no matter it does. A job is looked at as an income instead of a stepping stone to a career. WE ALL KNOW the difference between the two. A career is something you retire with and a job is something you work at each season.

 A career as a business owner puts you at a very leverage position in commerce. It allows for tax deductions on much of your expenses and you get taxed less than the employee. Law is a very tricky topic with its own language. For example, by law an employee is considered a servant. Just look it up in Black's Law Dictionary 5th Edition and you fill find that in section 'e' employee means servant.

    This is the nature of commerce. In the end, during election years - small business owners win, though we small business people are going to be getting heavily taxed soon to protect big corporations - unfair. Basically, my point is -- start your own business!