Thursday, January 19, 2012

Youtube® says, "All channels will be updated to new design on March 1st, 2012."

Like really Google®? You already have people in the conspiracy community referring to the Youtube® platform as "an goverment social experiment, but the company Google® others of the Youtube® platform are deciding to attempt to force people to change to a new channel design. I know you guys are thinking "What does this have to do with a government op?

It's been believed for awhile that on the conspiracy underground that Youtube® is a platform where secret government agencies monitor the sociology of human behavior. It doesn't sound too far fetched for many and this new design could be an attempt to see "What they could get away with without backlash". Hopefully, Google® will comes to their senses and disable this forced channel design change campaign.

Lastly, another issue I personally have with this is that when people become partners with Youtube® or even before being partnered, they would like to make a neat channel background design to stand out from the rest in an attempt to create a better user experience. In addition, the creation of a pseudo-user interface experience via a background design. This doesn't look to good to me because I have plans of creating a very lovely and unique channel design for The Yababa Show™ which the new channel design "offered" by Youtube® would not allow me to make use of effectively.

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