Thursday, January 5, 2012

NEW WEBSITE - Offering Prizes for Points !

People of the future Yababa World™ as declared - I am becoming more frequent with the blog post along with consistency in other activities that will enrich Yababa World™ as a whole. Enrich Yababa World™ means enriching the life of future citizens and allowing them to experience similiar activities in my life that keep me active. What I am talking about is with it's proven track record in the exchange of prizes for points! allows the acculation of points via the taking of surveys, watching videos, signing up for offers, any much more. I was skeptical at first till a few days ago I got a prize in the mail from to my surprise it was marked with the name "Prince Yababa" - my alias.

It would be selfish of me not to share the same excitement with the rest of those who support this blog and everything to do with it. Below is a link to the site and how to sign up! Get things mailed to your house for purchasing with points. You have the ability to purchase things like cameras, HDMI cords, harddrivers, candy, and much more just by doing various activities for points. Below is a link for you get started!

Learn more and sign up for here !

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