Friday, January 20, 2012

Access MEGAUPLOAD - It's not completely blocked!

Megaupload™ was taken down by the F.B.I. in the mist of international copyright and intellectual property controversy. Megaupload™ is a company which is based on Hong Kong and provides free and paid file sharing for internet users across the globe. Majors labels, movie studios, in addition to other multimedia publishing houses have been breaking their pockets in an attempt to "STOP PIRACY"

Considering all the international intellectual property agreements the U.S. may have with other nations across the globe it still seems that the American government has is developing too much power which is reflective of the totalitarian government in the film V for Vendetta. It's certainly makes me uneasy to see how fast corporations can declare a form of eminent domain on websites on and offshore using lobby techniques via U.S. congress .

Though influence and power corporations hold over U.S. politicians and policy makers can see threatening to well being of one of the most innovative creations known to man, the government hasn't been able to shut down the large file-sharing at all in actuality. The site is still around and below you can find out why! Thank me by following the instructions below - anything for you guys! :-D

A gift to all my friends. They blocked the DNS for megaupload, but they didn't block the IP address that gets translated by the DNS. In exchange for this gift from me I would appreciate if you subscribed to my Youtube™ channel and shared a few articles from my website.

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  1. Hmm? How so? I've already had someone else say it was a phishing attempt. How could that be without a login prompt? Should ask yourself that:-D! Please share with friends!

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