Thursday, June 16, 2011

Norm Bates - The Weight Is Over[THAT CRACK ?!]

Norm Bates - The Weight Is Over mixtape was dropped I believe a few days ago today, though I am not sure when. What I do know is that it was sent to me for review and that is just what I am going to do. Obviously, there is not any real need to comment on the album art because many artist are indie today and can't afford the $75.00 it would take for a hi-res mixtape cover.

Production is definitely iffy, iffy. Since I don't know their budget or the equipment they may have be forced to work with the quality of some of the songs on this mixtape becomes understandable. However many of the track compiled on this particular mixtape used industry instrumentals and sample reamins unknown to me.

The specific tracks I felt that possible hit potential are tracks #8 and #11- My TimeSide ft Mello King Cajun(Prod by Norm Bates) & Ayo Solider ft Store Bang, Maine Benjamin$ . Other then what has been previously stated about this particular mixtape, I have nothing else say. With much practice and improvement followed by continous creative marketing, personal branding and promotion Norm Bates has undoubtable potential to reach independent success beyond the reach of newest mainstream artist whom are accompanied by major label resources.

Since you probably have no life like me, in the mean time check out Norm Bates music video for shot for track #10 off his The Weight Is Over mixtape called Bars On Deck featuring Ca$h :

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