Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giz Presents Sound Bite (The Trailer) Co-Directed by Tristian Wilds

Giz Presents Sound Bite (The Trailer) from Etienne Maurice on Vimeo.

True Crime: Streets of LA! Giz Edition! Violence in the streets is all I can say. Good for the nigga that got shot - should have looked out the peak hole with his dumbass :-p!

Music video trailer co-directed by Tristian Wilds, better known for his role as Michael Lee on HBO®'s The Wire!

OVERALL: Starring - (the rapper, of course) character Giz commits an act of extreme violence in this video while in his raps describing his distaste for some form of opposing competition. Not trying to trivialize the video, but I can't remember the details -- I watched it about a few hours ago. Just watch the video, and find out for yourself! NOTE: TO THEM RACIST COPS! IT'S FAKE! NOW GET YA PAY RAISE!

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  1. nice footage.. cant wait to see Tristian on the silver screen.. Yababa world all day!!

  2. Yes, Yababa World is back! Thank you for the great comment! :-D