Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beach - Rocky (Kind of setting the creative bar....)

I discovered HER FIRST is all I gotta say! Beach keep doing your thing! We love you here at Yababa Video™. Well we don't really love you. I'm just saying that so you can give the shout out after I post this article, but yeah the song is hot and you are definiately the next big thing no matter how flakey you are in E-mails(Unprofessional, I know. Deal with it). :-p

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  1. I enjoyed the clip of your music video. It makes a fun tune to listen to during the hippy summer season by the beach.

  2. Yes, I do agree. I will try to find out what this rap artist is doing these days! I sure hope she is doing more music and expanding her social media presence. Don't forget to subscribe to The Yababa Show™ - and share that along with this blog with all your friends!