Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yes, anyone can freestyle. Trust me, I used to before I found out you can create software for under $100.00. Many that do freestyle aren't able to indirectly display to their musical community,"I am one of the best out rappers right now."For an example, CLICK HERE!

Now, there is always a new face in the entertainment industry spanning from off-broadway plays to syndicated music videos looking to showcase their talents to the entertainment community with an assertion of self-excellence(to say the least). However much assertive, a humble undertone can still remain in the thickened mist of all the aggressive word play a freestyle can offer. Thus, S.I.T.H.

S.I.T.H.(Sick In The Head), a recording artist of the P.E.M.G. (Petroleum Empire Media Group) record label has made his impressionable appearance in more than a few P.E.M.G. videos which have been posted on Youtube® and on other video streaming sites around the web.

As for those whom know me from the internet and personally know that I am not one to particularly sugar coat or dress a situation for what it is not. For the sake of fairness -- I will not sway public opinion by providing results of my evaluation of this particular freestyle. I will let you guys decide...Is he nice ? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Wow I just discovered this. Much love for posting this up Yababa. -SITH

  2. Surely, man! Don't forget to show it to your friends! The more you send, the more I just might post!

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