Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prison X The Charles " Chedda Bang" Walker Story( Season Finale #6)

A few days ago I was searching the internet doing my usual thing. While doing my daily rounds on the internet I discovered something that was very interesting, in fact, it was intriguing. This interesting content appeared suddenly in the mist of my research of an assortment developing software technologies. My initial intrigue came from the title of the video "Prison X", which from the looks of things appears to be a web series on the streetinfo Youtube® channel containing interviews of ex-convicts turned recording artist(I could be wrong). Intriguing was a particular episode in the "Prison X" web series was entitled, "Prison X - Charles "Chedda Bang" Walker, an artist whom was featured on the the blog not too long ago.

In this particulary episode, we watch as rapper Chedda Bang describes his 9 years spent in super max state prision, also describes his experiences while incarcerated. More specifically speaks on a violent event that took place beyond bars where he witnessed another inmates face getting cut open with a sharp object. The Prison X web series was taped by NYC Gossip Girl Vivian Billings, motion graphics(that sexy ass Prison X logo) done by Russman and composed by All Accessed DVD founder James "Kraze" Billings.

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