Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius' Debut Solo Album; Rapper Lady Luck!

"Cover of Marasha Amrosius debut solo album 'Late nights & Early Mornings' ". -

In the passing week, I was invited to a private party for the debut album release party of Marsha Ambrosius . While being actively apart of the female R & B duo Floetry comprising of both her and her childhood friend Natalie Stewart , the duo released their first studio album Floetic which was the duo's only gold album .

The event itself wasn't bad, however -- I wasn't all too excited. Aside from being sleepy from coding in C and Java , I wanted to know whom was who -- you couldn't tell what people at the event were just full-ins or the ones that actually were their for networking.

In addition, I was distracted by the task of videotaping the day in the life of a particulary industry employee. I decided to just handle the task at hand.

You want to know what was really exciting also ? I seen rapper @LadyLuck at the album release party and I was thinking ,They let underground rappers in these things too ? Oh word ?. I didn't know if it was actually her at first till - looked again, but was too shy and worn out to simply say, "hello".

As complex as it might sound, maybe I am just not the type to want photographic autographs from people -- I was far from star strucked(I barely get that way), but happy to be around successful energy. It's funny how I confirmed that the woman was indeed her, I confirmed it via Twitter™ by simply asking .

All in all, it was amazing. I call it growth. It's like one recording artist told me, "if you doing the same thing you were doing last year in the same way you are not growing". It's called growth -- without conflict there is none. I have experienced much conflict, however it doesn't phase me because.....

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