Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yababa World: This week's featured artist - Chedda Bang

We're back after a brief hiatus. Returning from this first hiatus we would like present to the citizens of Yababa World™ this week's featured artist. We don't know this fella personally, yet the first time we've seen him he was in a video collaboration with Matt Reeves entitled "All I Want Is You" where he displayed killer vocals.

In Chedda Bang's song "Church" he brings a unique approach to music to the table, something we here at Yababa World™ like to call "honesty". In this video, you see he is not trying to be "real hip hop" or "deep", but true with ones self. This honesty can be found within the originally as well as creative of this lyrically intriguing song, not to mention of the video.

Well, that's pretty much it -- we're back and expect plenty more frequently blog updates. So subscribe via RSS and keep checking back daily.

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