Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boxing vs MMA ?! UFC 118: Couture vs Toney

            Many of the citizens of Yababa World™ have heard this argument for a while. You have boxing fans with their technical fight science discussions talking about how the jab is the boxers most lethal weapon alongside head movement and footwork.
           Then their is the MMA fans with their "I KNOW BJJ GRR" with talk of this  "ground game" that sure seem that they know everything about fighting maybe it's the hype, yet the veterans sure do have their heads on right when it comes down to take downs. Take Randy Couture for example. He has marvelous taken downs -- instant sweeps that can put the most muscular and heaviest person on their back.

           We aren't looking to give a full featured preview on the upcoming fight today, but be aware that this is a clash of two of the biggest combat sports today, Boxing vs MMA. MMA has their ground game use of both striking and grappling. Diverse techniques which are combined and compiled to end your opponents swiftly.

     On the other hand you have boxing -- smooth slips, swift footwork(swift enough to avoid taken downs) sharp uppercuts, but is it limited compared to MMA? Only way to find out is by watching the fight tonight and by subscribing to the blog via RSS.  Leave comments on your prediction about whom you think will win. Also if you aren't looking to pay to watch the event follow us on Twitter to receive the link to a free stream of the event.


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