Friday, August 27, 2010

The Adjustment Bureau Trailier - Starring Matt Damon [HD] - illuminati much ?!

    @AndyBonHelsing1 from YouTube commented that this movie is about or similar to the Patriots from The Metal Gear Solid video game series. We doubt it is about the mysterious group The Patriots from the Metal Gear Solid series, but is rather similar, not to take anything way from his implication.
      Also, nothing anyone says can take away from the exciting trailer which includes expected well sequence editing and compilation. Something you see in almost every Hollywood trailer -- it's only professional. Questions will arouse from this trailer since the movie itself is time relevant to the "illuminati" secret society video trend that has sprung across YouTube.
     Although it's just a movie, many would analyze it further because like most movies these days, this one definitely has a specific message.

  From what we heard here at Yababa World from an insider, is that the movie will be released in March of 2011.


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