Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Want to build your film industry resume? Donate to a film!

Kickstarter™ is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers in which critically acclaimed documentary Hidden Colors was funded by the black internet community - specifically fans of best-selling author Tairq Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed is a well-known author and relationship expert in the United States and has spoke at sold out lectures abroad. With the success of his grassroots based documentary 'Hidden Colors', he decided to set up funding for another film which will display positive images of ethnic people and in which "the black man doesn't die first". It's a horror film currently in development called 'The School' a film by Tariq Nasheed.

This is also an opportunity for anyone interested in getting into the film industry. People seem to have the perception you need to be super rich to make things happen or to accomplish amazing feats to make Hollywood aware of whom you are.

By simply donating to the film and getting an Executive Producer credit will get your name added to the Internet Movie Database(IMDB) which establishes clout for you in the film industry.

Having your name attached to a prestigious title with any successful project establishes clout. So are you ready to try something new and make a sound investment in your resume -- spice it up a litte. An Executive Producer is not required, but it does help! Donate what you can!

Donate here: "The School"-A New Feature Horror Film
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