Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Original Creator of Matrix & Terminator Wins $2.5 Billion In Lawsuit

Original Creator of The Matrix Trilogy - Sophia Steward

Damn, yes -- I was shocked also. As crazy as it may sound(not to me, I know the game) a black woman by the name of Sophia Steward is the created of Matrix I, II, III, & the Terminator movie.

Yes, it's true found an article about it on the internet and I've validated it through my own research of primary resources on the internet. It's hard to believe I know yet as the interesting person I am, it had to be brought to you. The truth hurts eh?

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  1. Are you kidding? This story got debunked like 2 years ago

  2. My mistake, it sounded good enough to boost the people are her culture. However, she does own trademark to those ideas. You can see it on her site!