Monday, July 4, 2011

Hollow Da Don Implies Loaded Lux Is Homeless!

I've heard stories of how the hip hop perspection is not always the reality. In this digitial video recorded interview with Maya The B , a radio personality for ThisIs50Radio™ it seems that Hollow Da Don is implying that Loaded Lux is a broke ass homeless rapper from Harlem that can't afford to take the A train.

Now, I have heard through out the years about how many rappers aren't living the lifestyle the of the images the paint in videos, interviews, or online profiles. A few people whom have worked in the industry would say, "Oh, that artist doing real bad. He don't got the money you think he got."

Is this the case with Loaded Lux ? Don't forget to comment - hit me up on @YababaVideo if yu have any questions, but send all products, mixtapes, movies, trailers, or things you would like to be reviewed to basics inquiries E-mail below.

NOTE: Hollow Da Don's implications starts at 6:55 !

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