Monday, October 25, 2010

Immortal Techique DEAD ?!

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Felipe Andres Coronel (February 19, 1978), better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, was a Peruvian rapper, and an urban activist.  - Wikipedia

Rumor has it Immortal Technique died due to the injuries of fatal car accident. It came to our attention via my Twitter time line. This comes as a shock to the underground hip hop community for Immortal Technique was/is (Not sure which one to put) known for his lyricism and geo-political musical content, in addition to his revolutionary rap style.

Two issues I would like to press on:

1. Immortal Technique being the great lyricist that he is/was(again, don't know which one to use)with the pack comes a school of dick riders. People that said to me amongst others, "How you going to spread a rumor ?" My man, how the hell should I know it was a rumor. We all for the most part are internet users. Your ears aren't to the streets. Y'all know y'all are appear of whom the hell spread that rumor, but y'all also know that person probably has blackball power or is a gangsta named "Ziploc Bodybag" and got you guys shook. So stop the threats of net-reciprocations.

2. Stop calling DJ's, rappers and other people out that spread this news over Twitter. You know when you see these same people at the showcases you shake hands and tell them how you don't want to get slapped because your daughter is in the backseat of the Civic. Like Bill Cosby said, "Come on, people". Most the people doing this are the "real hip hop heads". If you are so real hip hop and against the Illuminati, why you trying so hard to get signed to a major label ?! I think we got a hater in a revolutionary jacket.

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