Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fabolous vs Soulja Boy ? SMH! That train's never late!

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Def Jam recording artist Fabolous(right) has dissed Interscope Records recording artist Soulja Boy(left) while spitting a freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's radio show.

Quoting the line said by Fabolous, "Pretty boy swag, but I never choked by noise though"
Referring to a Kat Stacks'(infamous video vixen) video taping of Soulja Boy's hotel room. A video of which contained footage of a white powdery substance that could have possibly been cocaine.

Now, of course. First I will give the public's take on events before I go into my personal point of view of this situation at hand. Below are various Tweets of interest -- if you will. These tweets will give you a fly-on-wall's eye view insight into the situation:

@Nu_Change tweeted:
Fab Was once famous, but didn't get no where! So he pickin on a young man @SouljaBoy who continues to rise up! STOP DREAMIN FAB About a dude

@iHateKatStacks tweeted:
U called @worldstar crying @myfabolouslife to mute ur number while @souljaboy let it ride ! #RealRecognizeReal

@kushbmycologne tweeted:
@SouljaBoy Fab just wanna whip da lambo!! & give up da lame n ask you to lend some fame

@ZakiZakx tweeted:
@SouljaBoy half the age, double the fame fabo needs yo buzz. dont give it souljaaaa. UK yo international, fabo domestic xoxox

Pay special attention this next one:

@SSwweeetness tweeted:
@SouljaBoy fab is just that nigga they beat up and robbed everytime he went back to the hood tryna act like he hard. Trustme I'mfrombklyn.

Since you, the Yababa World citizen has gotten somewhat of "broad" spectrum of the situation at hand. I believe it's time for us to look at it through the window of a previous article written by me. Yeah, you know where I am going with this don't you? You remember the article entitled "Why Soulja Boy is part of Hip Hop culture PART 1" ? Sure you do, and since you do remember it all I will say is, "Told you so".

I am naturally a neutral party seeing my position in the world of investigative journalism if you will, yet can we please stop the Willie Lynchism black folks ? I would state my opinion, but I will leave it to the citizens of Yababa World. I welcome you to drop your comments and please give us your personal take on this situation.


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